This is not about a select group of people

In Norway, a deceitful interpretation of the Sex Purchase Law prevails. It is argued that it frames a select group of people; those who pay for sex. Most people believe that the law does not apply to them, but logically speaking, this is incorrect. This law applies to everyone who has sex, because everyone, one way or another, pays for sex. Here are some everyday forms of sexual transactions:

If you buy gift for your spouse and receive sex in return.
If you buy drinks for a random person at a nightclub and receive sex in return.
If you pay for dinner at a restaurant and receive sex in return.
If you bring your date to the movies and receive sex in return.
If you help someone financially and receive sex in return.
If you let someone live in your apartment and receive sex in return.

This happens all the time. This happens to everyone.
What enables these transactions? Money.
What is the incentive for these transactions? Sex.
Money and sex is an inseparable combination. It will always be so, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

If Norwegian citizens pay for sexual services with money or gifts, it is considered a criminal offense. Logically speaking, there is no difference between paying a sex worker directly and the above-mentioned, everyday examples of sexual transactions that everyone carries out without batting an eye. The principle is exactly the same: you receive a monetary-based value and return this action with sex, either immediately, or as “installments”. The only difference is the degree of honesty involved. Where money is exchanged for sex through a mutual agreement, there is no masked agenda; the terms and conditions are clarified and explicit. All other forms of sexual transactions are more elaborate and covert.

Even so, most people refuse to realize that money somehow is involved. This, I believe, is called self-deception.

The Sex Purchase Law criminalizes those who pay for sex. In other words, the entire population has been criminalized because sex is exchanged for cash and gifts every hour. Everyone does it – there is no escape.

Is this not absurd? It is very unreal that this general criminalization takes place in an allegedly free country. Norway must be the grand master willful blindness and a governmentally initiated violation of privacy.

“The lies we tell other people are nothing to the lies we tell ourselves.”
― Derek Landy



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