Who is Henrik Ibsen?

Norway has become a sick nation. For more than five years, we have let zealots and state feminists govern the most intimate details of our lives. Men and women have been deprived of something essential: sexual autonomy. The right to decide over our own bodies.

This autonomy vanished in 2009. A fabricated, double standard was politically adopted: it is okay to pretend you do not pay for sex – although anyone who has sex actually does, in one form or another. Those who make up for sex with cash will be punished.

Women’s liberation and sexuality are almost sacrosanct, but the women who sell sex for money are alleged victims. They are belittled and their opinions ignored, even if the sex is between consenting adults. We no longer have bodily autonomy. We are governed by an absurd ideology, shame and stigma. We are polluted by a forcefully introduced creed intended to brainwash us. Sex between consenting adults is now the state’s concern.

Henrik IbsenWhat is Norway today? – A nation brimming with moralizing fanatics.

What do foreigners think about Norway? – It is a country where consensual sex between adults is prohibited.

Who is Henrik Ibsen? – He represents an era in which there still was hope for a new nation, and Norway had something real to be proud of.


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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
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