Norway’s disgrace – soon a bygone embarrassment?

Our newly inaugurated government, with support from the Liberal Party (Venstre) and the Green Party (MDG), must seize the opportunity to reverse the Sex Purchase Law, more notoriously known as the Swedish Model. These parties have for a long period criticized this law, and now it’s time they remove it, but they must act quickly. There is no heroism in postponing a reversal when the law violates several Human Rights. There is no heroism in keeping a law that WHO, UNAIDS, Amnesty International and UN Women oppose. There is no heroism in not removing something that creates so much suffering. There is no logic in a law that is masked as “care”, because what radiates through this “care” makes me shudder. It is a living nightmare.

The principle of prohibiting a consensual transaction between adults is insane, no matter how you look at it and no matter which argument you use to defend it. Such a prohibition is lethal, and every day it drives dosages of poisonous prejudice into the Norwegian society.
Slowly, we suffocate in a quagmire where stigma, double standards, shame and a warped perception of reality reinforce itself. Do we wish for a society where freedom is taken away and we’re forced into the straightjacket of moralist bigotry; a society where the radical feminists and the religious fanatics get to dictate our laws and our attitudes? Please, stop
forcing your moralizing delusions on us – we are living in a so-called free country!

It is embarrassing and painful to see how Norway reveals itself as a country where state-feminism has taken more and more control everywhere and where the state can transform adults’ consensual sex life into prohibition politics. Yes, it is infinitely painful, because this legislative monstrosity leads to much more destruction than conceivable, and we have just started to see the contours of the long-term effects. The ones behind the law are completely blinded by their own need for control and warped perception of reality, and they contribute to ruining the nation with their uncontrollable arrogance. I am deeply ashamed. Where are the remains of the nation I used to be proud of? Well, Norway has been ruined by the socialist’s nanny state supported by religious moralism.

The idea behind the sex purchase law is nothing less than grotesque. The most obvious consequence of the law is that consensual sexual transactions between adults have been banned. Another consequence of the law is that sex workers experience a daily nightmare of increased violence, stigma and police harassment. This law is a violation both in theory and practice; on paper and in action. This is the essence of the Sex Purchase Law: Penalty for obtaining sex against compensation, i.e. punishment for something that everyone does; every day, in every part of this country. Money, gifts, dinners, jobs, protection are just a few things traded for sex daily. Some like to pay up there and then, others like to do it indirectly and over time. Sex is, and has always been a commodity, and what you get in exchange for sex varies. No matter what, sex against compensation is prohibited, so then it is logical to assume that all inhabitants are affected by this law…

Where is the national, collective upheaval? Are people unaware of the law’s tragic effect on the nation? Is the inflicted shame so hard to weed out? Is it so difficult to admit that we are indeed in the same boat? Do people think that the law only affects a few select individuals? Should we just let the moralists strangle the nation?

The day that people realize the seriousness of the violations, the claims for compensation, and the desire to punish those who are behind the law, will surface. Strictly speaking, there should be no need to seek redress; compensation should be paid out automatically. Because you do not simply overthrow people’s sex lives without ramifications. And there must be consequences for those who forced this law into existence – so that we will avoid such terrifying violations again. Those behind this law must not get away with it; they have inflicted so much anger and tragedy, which will forever be inscribed into our history.

To reverse the law is a matter of urgency, there is no use in waiting. Our nation needs oxygen before it is strangled and we need to remove what is blocking the air passage. First the law needs to be reversed, and then we can start making pragmatic solutions for all sex workers: they, and no one else, know what they need, and we must to listen. Politicians
must initiate constructive cooperation, and engage actively in dialogues with the sex workers, and not just talk about them. They need to make decisions with sex workers and not make decisions for them. Sex workers are indeed workers and they need to be shown the respect they deserve: grant them worker’s rights and but also duties; like paying taxes. It would be great if the politicians could look to New Zealand – a country that is about the same size as Norway- where sex workers have been included in the legislative processes concerning themselves. Before we reach that stage we need to remove the Sex Purchase Law.

There is no time to lose: Dear Government, Liberal Party and Green Party – this law need to disappear before it ruins even more. If this is serious enough for you, it is possible to reverse it quickly.


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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
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