Evil is evil – and must be prosecuted

The Sex Purchase Law in Norway needs to be repealed and the responsible parties must be held accountable. The law is an austere attack on the nation and the Human Rights, and we cannot respond with indifference.

The Sex Purchase Law is pure legislative evil. It can no longer be described as short-sighted, foolish, naïve or a product of wanting to «rescue» sex workers. Politicians can no longer excuse themselves by saying there was no way of predicting the dismal consequences, or that they implemented the law to curb human trafficking; another dubious trump card few have dared to question as trafficking is intolerable. The trafficking argument has been used as a lever to shield the law; whereas it in fact enables human trafficking, forces the market underground, and in addition; the law breaches with several human rights.

This is the case: if we boil down the intentions of the law’s instigators, we are left with a calculating cynicism where logic and respect have been slain by moralism, simmering contempt and a desire to punish what is not approved of. To combat the sex market by «throttling» demand – an impossible mission in itself – is as surreal as fighting child labor in sweat shops by prohibiting the purchase of clothing.

The Sex Purchase Law is the moralists’ most devious weapon; and everyone has lost.
Evil prospers and it has taken many shapes.

Left is a crowd of politicians who no longer can hide behind their official role.
Left is a crowd of police officers, who no longer can hide behind their official role.
Left is a people that has taken the heat of a fatal, systematic violation.

Some questions and some answers:
Are sex workers criminals? No but they are pursued with scorn, suspicion, bullying, humiliation and stigmatization. Is this ethically acceptable or desirable? Definitely not; these violations breach with the Human Rights.

Are clients real criminals? No, but after January 1 2009, they suddenly became offenders, and they are being treated with contempt, suspicion, stigmatization, humiliation and penalties. Is criminalizing a group due to a detesting of their actions tolerable? Of course not, because such violations breach with the Human Rights.

How can one logically defend – without the use of sentiment and moralizing arguments – that consensual sex between two consenting adults is prohibited? How can one explain to inquiring young people that a consensual sexual transaction between two adults is possible and logical to prohibit? Simply put: this is not possible because such a prohibition is neither founded on logic nor reason, but fanaticism, repression and arrogance. Explaining such legislation by stating that «this is just how things are» will only trigger antagonism; because things are never that simple.  And the destructive aftermath of a moralizing prohibition is inevitable.

A covert and indirect agenda is the most dangerous because the real intentions are cloaked with «a wish to implement what we believe in – for the common good». If politicians aren’t clear about the true nature and purpose of a prohibition, they hold their fellow citizens in contempt i.e. they deliberately delude the people. Furthermore, if the politicians’ personal disdain towards a group constitutes the foundation of draft legislation, this is a lethal transfer into ethically hazardous territory. Discriminatory legislation based on contempt can be traced throughout recent history: homosexuals, ethnic minorities and indigenous people have been surrounded by myths, suppositions and injurious legislation. Ironically, the very same politicians that have established our sexual moral by law are first in line to condemn other countries that have outlawed homosexuality, adultery and «indecent behavior». What despicable double standards! The parallels to the Sex Purchase Law are clear enough. Prejudice, loathing and arrogance constitute the foundation of their beliefs and actions, and the negative outcome is infinite. The situation is so grave that one may well wonder what day and age we live in…

Some questions and some answers:
What are the current effects of the law? Here is a list: more oppression, intensified stigmatization, a worsened climate for sex workers, who are completely devoid of rights and protection. There is an increased conflation of sex work and human trafficking, and last but not least, the conviction of innocent people. No wonder a simmering rage is spreading. However, the real criminals and bullies thrive during times of prohibition.

Are the guilty parties held responsible? Well, currently more and more discover the politicians’ underlying agenda: they have no valid grounds left, and they are caught up by the harsh light of reality and the media’s spotlight. The Sex Purchase Law is falling apart and has to be repealed in the end.

The philosopher Penny Gelder uses the words «mental genocide» and «castration» to describe the contemptible violation pushed through by the nanny state. It is not difficult to follow her use of these terms: completely normal people want to, but dare not purchase sex in light of this moralizing ban. The result of meddling into people’s innermost and private sphere by criminalizing the use of an obvious health preserving service is sure to manifest itself in an escalating frustration and mental suffering.

Should politicians hiding behind their official duties be permitted to manipulate society in such a dreadful manner without consequence? Is it only fair that some of these politicians have such a stifling authority over the citizens’ private life and forcefully introduce agony on a national level? Is it justifiable that the police pursuit and harass citizens by enforcing this senseless and insulting law? No, it is not.

Once the Sex Purchase Law is repealed, we cannot breathe easily in a belief that this chapter is closed. The same politicians may come up with new and grotesque ideas wrapped in interfering authoritarianism; they have done it once and may do it again. They have to be held responsible for their actions to avoid similar disasters.

Evil is evil no matter the source, and evil must be struck down. Systematized violations must be disclosed so that everyone may see what is going on. Breaches on human rights need to be met with repercussions.

The Sex Purchase Law and its initiators must be investigated and, if needed, brought to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. I do not speak of vengeance, as this is also a type of evil, but we need to protect the citizens and the next generation from fanatical people; especially the ones possessing legislative power.

Evil can be fought and we need to start now!


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