Merry Christmas – and a Happy New Year?

Some say that there is a peculiar calm that follows Christmas. After the final hassles of preparation we plunge behind a sealed fortress of food, gifts and family gatherings. The rest of the world is shut out. Indeed, we are going to enjoy ourselves. At Christmas it is easy to push reality away.

A New Year is quickly approaching, but have you thought about what you wish for in the New Year? Well, reality is going to catch up with you sooner or later and you have to decide how to tackle it. A lot is up to you.

I wish to tell you a story:
Once upon a time, an evil shadow wandered restlessly through Norway. It was constantly looking for new targets because it fed on indiscriminate souls. The evil shadow went by the name Scelestum, but because it had no specific gender it took many names: Mrs. Moralist, Mr. Religion and Miss Condescending. Often, Scelestum would fuse these personalities, as this would make it more resilient and enabled it to root well before it moved on. It had one single goal: controlling people.

Scelestum discovered that it was remarkably uncomplicated to settle inside people since they had become rather spoiled, banal and naïve. They were mysteriously hollow and there was plenty of room inside each of them. They were mostly concerned with redecorating their homes, watching television, booking a holiday, or just generally playing along with what others told them. It was a comfortable life. They did not notice that Scelestum had taken up residence inside them because it came sneaking in so quietly, often while they were watching TV or reading a newspaper. They were easy preys who did not pay attention. Scelestum knew that if it was shrewd and let people get something in return for the housing, it could stay there long, and it made sure to feed their insides with a sensation they thought irresistible: complacency.

Scelestum managed to spread faster than it thought possible. Most people were tremendously easy to enter, and Scelestum had a wonderful time. People felt content as well – still, their well-kept naivety was clearly tainted by something more disturbing: vicious morality, prejudice and conceit were main ingredients of their mindset now. Nevertheless, they continued their daily pursuits, completely unaware of the evil shadow controlling them.

However, Scelestum had not managed to ensnare everyone. The invincible cases were individuals who dared posing critical questions – going against the accepted torrent of opinions. Still, the majority opened their hearts willingly and let the drifting shadow settle inside… Society gradually changed into a pulsating mass searching for someone to harrow, vilify and condemn. And this is how people lost the ability to adjust their egos, to see themselves clearly, but instead became self-proclaimed experts on what was right for others...

Why am I telling you this story? Is it just another trite analogy, or does it resemble the existing Norwegian society? The shadow, or Scelestum, is alive and well today. It ferments, seethes and spreads like a contagious disease. It does not differ between adolescents and adults, women or men.

Some have managed to close the door on it. Others let it flow in freely – and perhaps they notice a quivering, malicious spark flaring up inside. What they do not know is that this is the spark that lights the moralizing blaze they use to stigmatize others. Perhaps you do not recognize it, but it is difficult to admit that Scelestum has infested great proportions of the nation. The postman, the journalist, the cleaner, the manager, the pensioner, the teenager, the hairdresser and the kindergarten teacher may all have been infected.

The worst cases, the ones beyond a cure, are the individuals that possess legislative power: politicians. Some of them are so critically stricken, that quarantine is the only means that can prevent the transmission of Scelestum… The damage done by their infinite patronization is enormous; they possess an innate ability to ignore all opposition, rejecting the possibility that they might be mistaken. They will only listen to fellow partisans and activists who gladly feed the flame that stigmatizes. Obviously, this smothering attitude will leak into the media, through the streets, reaching everyone. The police are marionettes following orders in the name of the moralizing legislation – a hectoring pursuit.
The mantra goes: “We do not like this; it must be punished!”

Dear Reader, are you infected by Scelestum?

The following is a litmus test you may want to try:
Do you acknowledge that there is a law in this country which is so absurdly spiteful that it can only be the work of Scelestum? Do you agree that adults can make decisions regarding their own bodies and own desires as long as they do not wish to hurt others? Do you consider your sex-life to be a private matter? Are you able to realize that sex always involves some form of transaction where the sexual act is a value that you give in exchange for something else: a dinner, a few drinks, excitement, love, safety, satisfaction, admiration, domestic harmony or money? If you think about why you have sex and what you get in return, you will find the transaction. The means of payment for sex is indefinite. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. We are living beings in search of acceptance and pleasure.

But the Law concerns the purchase of sexual acts – still everyone pays for sex one way or the other. If you deny this and pretend it is not so, it is probably because double standards are incredibly widespread. If you dare open your eyes, you will see that the Sex Purchase Law affects everyone, and that consensual sex has become the State’s concern.

Is this fine with you?

If you are not infected by Scelestum, you will acknowledge my words. If you are provoked by what I write, it is probably because the spark that burns inside you is being fed by the shadow that crept inside while you were inattentive…

Sapere aude – dare to see.


About annemodus

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
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